Sponsor Opportunities

Gain international exposure while supporting independent artists

The Last Babushka Doll is offering Sponsors the opportunity to gain local, national and potentially international exposure as a supporter of a highly promising film project while providing exposure for female film practitioners.

The project has attracted a very high-calibre cast and crew including Anne-Louise Lambert (Miranda in ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’), Tiriel Mora (‘The Castle’ and ‘Frontline’) and Joanne Samuel (‘Mad Max’).

The film champions females working in the industry by employing females in key production and creative roles including Executive Producer, Screenwriter, 1st Assistant Director, Production Designer and Editor.

As a Sponsor, you will:

  • Become a co-creator in a high-calibre, community-backed film project with the potential for screenings throughout Australia and overseas
  • Receive a wide range of tailored promotional opportunities locally, nationally and potentially internationally
  • Enrich your stakeholder relationships with access to exclusive film events, with opportunities to be involved in the creative process
  • Enhance your digital presence with compelling stories and rich content that celebrates artistic achievement
  • Connect with high-profile artistic influencers and practitioners
  • Become a champion for independent artists, including females working in the film industry

 Tailored to meet your needs, Sponsorship Benefits include:

  • Promotion and logo branding in the film which will be distributed to national and international film festivals and arts events and promoted to television and digital networks
  • Promotional and logo branding across all communications channels including social media, PR and media activities, collateral and events
  • Invitations to behind-the-scenes experiences
  • Access to exclusive events and digital content, including the opportunity to network with high-profile film actors and practitioners
  • Complimentary film tickets for your staff, stakeholders and clients
  • The opportunity for a co-Executive Producer credit

‘The Last Babushka Doll will bring the best creative talent in the Blue Mountains together with the local community to participate in and celebrate the arts. I’m delighted to have a project of this calibre being produced in the region.’ Kelly Heylen, Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise

We invite you to join a prestigious group of cultural partners by Sponsoring ‘The Last Babushka Doll’ and helping us propel the film onto movie screens around the world.

To discuss a potential Sponsorship Package catered to your business needs, please email gluckproductions@gmail.com or call 0409 553 591.