In the mystical Blue Mountains, a paramedic faces his most confronting case. With 7 seconds to decide, will he follow rules to prolong a patient’s suffering – or risk his career by ending their pain? The film stars actors from some of Australia’s most iconic films and TV shows – Anne-Louise Lambert (‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’), Chris Gabardi (‘The Secret Life of Us’), Beth Champion (‘Brides of Christ’), Tiriel Mora (‘The Castle’), Keiran King (‘Dr Blake Mysteries’), Don Bridges (‘Romper Stomper’), Joanne Samuel (‘Mad Max’) and introducing Andie Isalie. ‘The Last Babushka Doll’ is written by award-winning writer Georgina Luck and directed by experienced filmmaker Angelo Salamanca.

penelope-painting-dolls chris-gabardi-keiran-king bushman-with-van

We’re delighted to announce that after premiering at the academy-qualifying St Kilda Film Festival in May 2018, the film has also been officially selected to screen at:

‘The Last Babushka Doll’ is based on Georgina’s short story of the same name, written with assistance from Griffith Review, Text Publishing and Varuna the Writers House and published by Margaret River Press.

Thank you so much to all our Pozible Campaign Donors, Sponsors and Supporters who have made this project possible.

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‘The Last Babushka Doll is profound, nuanced and beautifully written.’ – Tiriel Mora

dop-recording-ully penelopes-shopfront-with-lights paul-jerry-daniel

‘The Last Babushka Doll’ is dedicated to Gwen D’Souza, Emma Cameron and Carolynne Hamilton for encouraging us every step of the way.

The project is auspiced by Auspicious Arts.

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