Meet the Cast


Anne Louise Lambert: Penelope

Anne-Louise Lambert became a household name playing Miranda in the much-loved ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’. She has worked steadily in film and on stage ever since, including starring roles in the BBC TV series ‘The Borgias’, Peter Greenaway’s ‘The Draughtsman’s Contract’, ‘Lillian’s Story’ with Toni Collette and ‘Somersault’ which won Best Film at the 2004 Australian Film Institute Awards.


Don Bridges: Ully

Don has over 40 years’ experience in film, TV and theatre including ‘Malcolm’, ‘Romper Stomper, ‘Waterborne’, ‘Long Way Down’, ‘McLeod’s Daughters’, ‘The Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries’, ‘Troll Bridge’ and many more. He’s also an Actors’ Equity advocate with organisations such as the Victorian Actors’ Benevolent Trust and Equity Mentor Scheme.


Chris Gabardi: Daniel

Chris is a familiar face from his role as Vincent Hughes in ‘All Saints’. His extensive film and TV work includes roles in ‘Stingers’, ‘The Secret Life of Us’, and ‘Blue Heelers’ and he has been nominated for Helpman and Green Room awards for his theatre roles.


Beth Champion: Myra (and Casting Assistant)

Beth’s extensive film and TV work includes roles in ‘Brides of Christ’, ‘Spider and Rose’, ‘All Saints’, Paul Cox’s AFI awarded feature ‘Exile’ and she is co-starring in Matt Drummond’s upcoming feature ‘My Pet Monster’. Beth also runs Acting for Recreation and Self-Development workshops through


Keiran King: Paul

Keiran’s extensive film, TV and theatre work includes roles in ‘Hunters’, ‘The Dr Blake Mysteries’, ‘Wasteland’, ‘Winners & Losers‘, ‘Neighbours’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and the stunning theatre show ‘Hotel Pedro’, which he also wrote and directed.


Tiriel Mora: Jerry

Tiriel is best known for his roles in ‘Frontline’, as the hard-nosed journalist Martin Di Stasio; and ‘The Castle’ as the local solicitor Dennis Denuto. Tiriel’s numerous other roles include as Judge Renmark in ABC-TV’s legal drama ‘Janet King’ and in the feature film ‘Dinosaur Island’.


Joanne Samuel: Lucy

Joanne’s extensive credits include ‘Mad Max’, ‘Homicide’, ‘Skyways’, ‘The Long Way Home’, ‘All Saints’ and ‘Rake’.  Joanne is also a long-time advocate for arts education of children and is a director of the 3 Sisters Youth Theatre, at


Andie Isalie: Grace

Andie is a jazz, soul and folk singer-songwriter as well as being a photographer, videography and painter. Andie has been busking and performing professionally in the Blue Mountains since the age of 11 and is deeply connected to her local community and music scene.